Chapter 8 - Hope

I wanted to make a page just for HopeMy Hope.

I know not everyone shares the same hopes but,  I wanted to share mine with you, In case you might find some Hope in it too.

My hope is to live forever on a Paradise earth, in perfect health, and with the earth in peace.  My hope is that all those who have died before me, will be there too. Sounds like a pipe dream hey?  But I have sound reasons for my hope. For I am a smart and logical girl.

Faith sounds like a fluffy intangible thing. But the very definition of real Faith is, "the assured expectation of things hoped for. The evident demonstration of realities though not beheld." It was meant to be proved, not just simply a belief.

I have proved to myself, beyond doubt that not only is it possible, but it is assured.  I proved it with science, with history, archaeology and personal study.

If you have any desire to live in a peaceful world, free of sickness, then at least take a moment to read and consider this.

Saying those words, “living forever on earth in peace”—it doesn't seem possible. Even for a short time! Sickness, aging, hunger, crime, among others—often make life very difficult. You might think talking about living forever in paradise on earth is a waste of time, that living forever is just a dream. But,

Scientists have long known about the human body’s power to renew itself. By wonderful means the body cells are either replaced or repaired. And it seems that this process should go on forever. They still do not fully understand why people grow old. They say that, under right conditions, humans should be able to live forever. And our brains have far more capacity for memory than we ever use in our 80 or so years. 

If you had to decide, on what date would you choose to die? Could you pick one? You don't want to die, and neither does any other normal person who has a measure of health. Due to this desire for an endless future, men have long searched for a way of staying young forever. But we have been unable to find this “fountain of youth”

It also seems like a dream because today the world is divided. There is hatred, crime, war. Millions of people are hungry and sick. Others have daily worries about housing, work and expenses. And we are now succeeding in physically destroying the earths ecosystems. No government has ever succeeded in eliminating violence, disease, or death.

Well, consider: If you had the power, would you bring to an end all the things that cause human suffering? And would you bring about the conditions every human heart longs for? Of course you would.  So if there is an almighty creator, a supreme power that cares for us, then he must want to do the same. 

This is the hope that the Bible holds out.  This is my hope. It isn’t a dream. It can be proven if you give it a chance. Isn’t the chance to live forever in a perfect world worth at least considering?

 BUT...........!  You may ask?


If you have any  Bible Questions or Doubts, please go click Here.  :)

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