Tuesday, December 15, 2015


 I wanted to have a new page to highlight a company that has been very generous to me by letting me be a first user of their product for free and allowed me to give them my insight into their product and melanoma. 

 One of the things you need to do as a melanoma patient is regularly check your skin and moles.  I used to do this with a ruler, circle ruler template, a camera on close up setting and numerous papers with blank body outlines that I could mark with pencil and arrows with the size and description of my moles.  It was a bit messy and disorganized, although I tried! It took awhile to find my pictures and see if there were changes, or if a mole was new or not. And the pictures often turned out blurry. Lighting and shadows were an issue.  

Then the developer of a molescope approached me and asked if I would like to use their product and give them feedback.  A molescope is a device you attach to your phone to take very high resolution photos of your moles with correct lighting.  The pictures are so clear and far more detailed than any I was ever able to take. And the app allowed me to track where on my body the moles were.  Over time the app will let you see the time progression of your moles to see if they have changed.  What peace of mind! 

                                   Link:    MOLESCOPE