Monday, June 10, 2013

Last week, I found a painful lump under the skin at the site of my second melanoma. My dermatologist had me in to remove it within a day and half! Whenever a Doctor wants to do things that quickly, it makes you nervous.  I‘m now waiting for the results to see if the melanoma has recurred.  If it has, that’s bad news. It means the chance that it has spread, or will spread further internally,  is much higher.  So, My battle continues. 

It was clear!  Yay!!  Since then, I have had to have 2 more lumps removed out of caution. It seems my body doesn't like the internal stitches. Even after 7 yrs, it still created a granuloma around a previous stitch. Another day, another scar.  The fun just never ends hey?

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