UV Jewelry

For Sale!!!

UV Jewelry
Awareness Ribbons

White bead or charm changes color in UV light to remind you to seek shade, put on a hat and sunscreen!!!

Proceeds will go to melanoma research
and spreading Hope!

Prices: (CAN$)

Slipknot bracelets $10.50

Kid's metal necklaces are $7.50
Kid's leatherette necklace $5.50
Black Polka Dot Awareness Ribbon $3

Reg envelope with some padding aprox. $2.65
Bubble wrap envelope aprox. $3.45

I can put aprox 4 items per envelope for the same price

I use Paypal for mail payments
50c off each item for cash sales

Slipknot bracelets $10.50

black glass beads with blue accent
Name: S6 lt brown

Dark brown with Purple multi glass bead, blue beads, clear UV beads turn purple.
Name: S7

light green leather, wood beads (brown, cream and red)
Name: S5

Large brown and white bead with brown and black glass beads
Name: S4 dark brown

Turquoise stone, wood beads
Name: S3 Lt Brown

lava rock, shell and wood bead, natural color
Name: S2 natural

Blue and brown ceramic bead w/seahorse and blue beads
Name: S1 black with seahorse
Seahorse could also be a fish or shell shape

Kid's metal necklaces are $7.50

Metal Wire Necklace
See different kinds below

 metal wire butterfly (purple in UV) purple blue
Name: NMW1

metal wire star (pink in UV) pink beads
Name: NMW2

metal wire butterfly (purple in UV) rainbow!
Name: NMW3

Metal Chain Necklace
See different kinds below

metal chain, w/ butterfly ( yellow in UV) purple pink yellow beads
Name: NMC3

metal chain, w/ moon, rainbow
Name: NMC1

metal chain, w/ butterfly ( purple in UV), purple blue beads
Name: NMC2

Kid's leatherette necklace $5.50 

Leatherette necklace
See different ones below

black with spider (purple in UV) blue and pruple

brown with moon ( purple in UV) with green and purple beads
Name: NL3

black with doplphin ( yellow in UV) with green and blue
Name: NL4

light brown, w/ dolphin (pink in UV) pink purple
Name: NL5

blue green yellow with moon (yellow in UV)
Name : NL1

Magnets - 

Black Polka Dot Melanoma Awareness Ribbon $3

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