Sun Protection Stuff

- Links to the stuff I like or have used for sun protection - 

UV Protective Clothing. 

The fabrics were wonderful feeling, light and soft. And she makes sure her production ethics are tip top. Nice to do business with someone you can feel good about. 

The hats on her site were great too and very reasonably priced. Please check her site out! She is a melanoma survivor and this line came from her desire to see more comfy clothing that meets the cellulite and comfort factor!!

PS: Canadian customers. If you email your order they can send to Canada too!

Link Here: Summer Skin

Not just for Babies or Travel!  
These are both great products for your face and have the best sunscreen ingredients. It is kinda like a mini deodorant.  My teenage boys are actually willing to put on sunscreen everyday because of this style of application. Easy, Fast, no Mess, no Fuss. 

The trick is finding them in the store. They aren't always with the sunscreen ???? 
The Sunthera is at Shoppers Drug Mart.  
Last time I found it in the travel section where they have all the "mini" shampoos and stuff. 

 The Aveeno is sometimes only found in the baby products section. 

Links: Sunthera, Aveeno

Ombrelle Kids SPF60 
is my favorite all round sunscreen 
for the rest of your body. 
(sorry US friends, this is a Canadian product) 
It is photostable, has none of the bad ingredients, all of the good, and is waterproof! 
Make sure you get the spf 60 though.  
Since the spf 45 has inferior ingredients. 

Link: Ombrelle

Me and my Brelli Parasol!  
So wonderful for going to the beach 
or a walk in the sun.  
I never thought I would be able to feel safe having the sun's warmth touch my skin.  
But with the Brelli I can.  
It blocks 99% of the UV rays, 
40 MPH wind proof and gorgeous to boot!  
My talented photography friend took this picture of me with it. 

Links: Brelli

Sun Sleeves - great for keeping in the car while driving, gardening, golfing.  
And now I can still wear all those short sleeved shirts that I own!! 

PS: Canadian customers. If you email your order they can send to Canada too!

Link here: Eclipse Sunsleeves

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  1. Thanks so much for the great resources! Didn't know a lot of stuff that is out there. Love that parasol too.