Relay For Life!

Team Rockin Robbins!


Joined for this year! In Courtenay, BC June 7, 2014

Check out our team page and my personal page:

Relay For Life went wonderfully!!!!!Now that I have been to one, as a survivor, I can truly say that the Relay does reflect the fight that we fight. It isn't just a run or walk, it is a journey, a hard journey, but one that is well worth it!

I was asked to speak at the closing ceremonies as the "fight back" portion of the event, to talk about my story and how it motivated me to spread awareness!  Here is my speech!!

We had a booth at our area, with Skin Cancer Awareness information set up.  Lots of people stopped by and none of them knew much about melanoma. So I am happy we were able to educate them!

The Cancer Society gave us sunscreen samples to give out! And the health booth gave us a whole box of sunscreen to give away. I guess maybe we were drawing more attention than they were!

I had 10 people sign the  "Tanning is OUT" pledge.  Two winners get a UV bead bracelet. The white bead changes color when UV rays hit it, so you know to put sunscreen on or cover up.

I sold 5 bracelets! With the money going towards the Relay.
I got a donation of a box of Oranges from Tanning is OUT and I put some "Tanning is OUT" stickers on them, with the slogan, "Orange is a fruit, not a skin tone" and gave them away for free.

We had some visitors too, which was MUCH appreciated!!

To see how our team did, you can check our team website here : Rockin Robbins

Money raised goes to Canadian Cancer Society for BC.

Now for some pics!

June 15-16. It started at 6pm Saturday and runs through the night till 6am the next morning. 

The purpose of it being all night is to symbolize the hardships, exhaustion and darkness that a cancer patient must endure during their journey. We will share for one night in their suffering. 

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